Pictures That Move is a unique photography technique that combines still images with short video clips of the same scene, transitioning from black and white to color. This unusual style offers the viewer the experience of witnessing the moment as it breathes. A still image comes to life as a person moves, a moment changes and a scene rearranges.

I was blessed to grow up with a mother who was always taking photos and home movies (this was before the days of videos or iPhones). There was something magical about watching those 8mm home movies when she would get the film back. The projector screen would come down, the old movie projector would start up, catch the film, the lights would be turned off, and time that had paused briefly for my mother's camera would come alive once again in the moving pictures, no matter how long ago it was captured. I loved watching the moment come to life, and this is what I try to recreate with my Pictures That Move videos.

The intention of using this combination of imagery is to move the viewer more deeply into the experience of a moment. Pictures That Move doesn't just move the image, it is intended to move the heart as well.

Here are some examples of this technique, offered exclusively by Kukucka Photography.


  • Pittsburgh

    A short Pictures That Move presentation of Pittsburgh, the city where no one is a stranger.

  • Julian's Proposal

    A Pictures That Move presentation of Julian's
    surprise wedding proposal to Serena.

  • Micah and David's Wedding

    A Pictures That Move video presentation of Micah and David's wedding by Pittsburgh photographer Beth Kukucka.

  • Crystal and Justice

    A Pictures That Move presentation of Crystal and Justice's wedding at J Verno Studios in Pittsburgh.

  • Portraits of Oliver

    An example of how Pictures That Move can be used for a portrait or children's session.