An Unforgettable Night With Debbie Reynolds
Thursday, December 29, 2016
An Unforgettable Night With Debbie Reynolds

- An Unforgettable Night With Debbie Reynolds - With the recent passing of Carrie Fisher, followed by her mother, Debbie Reynolds, just a day later, I felt compelled to share a wonderful memory I have of Debbie Reynolds from sometime around 1996.I was living in Los Angeles and working part time for the catering company, "Along Came Mary", who catered most of the Hollywood premiers. I was building my photography business and catering was the best way to make some quick money and make a few connections - mostly with people in the arts who were in the same boat as me.The movie “Mother” had just come out, starring Debbie Reynolds and Albert Brooks. ACM was catering the premier ...

Energetic Soulmates
Friday, December 23, 2016
An Unforgettable Night With Debbie Reynolds

- Energetic Soulmates - It’s the holiday season and most people feel a variety of emotions, from excitement to joy to depression to anticipation. Coming from a large family that always got together for Christmas, no matter where we all lived, there is some sadness in remembering how the holidays used to be, compared with how they are now. There is still joy and comfort. I’m especially grateful to have my beloved sister to visit with on Christmas Day, one of two siblings I still have - and I can't begin to convey my gratitude for having all the unforgettable Christmases I had with my family. But the holidays aren’t what they used to be, and now with both parents gone, ...

The Last Photo
Saturday, September 24, 2016
An Unforgettable Night With Debbie Reynolds

- The Last Photo - My sister, Jan, and I have spent the past year since our mother’s passing going through and emptying out our family home.  I wrote about this experience in my blog post “Letting Go”,  a few weeks ago. But now that the house is completely empty,  down to the last dust bunny,  and the official signing is next week,  there is a sweet and unexpected addition to this story that I wanted to write about.My mother loved to take pictures.  I’ve also written about this, as well as my awareness and recognition that she is the reason I’m a photographer.  I grew up with her always having a camera on hand, if not in ...

Letting Go ...
Sunday, August 21, 2016
An Unforgettable Night With Debbie Reynolds

Letting Go ... It’s been a while since I featured one of my “Musings” blog posts, and there is a reason for that. Since seeing my beloved mother safely to the other side of the dream in October,  I have been in a bit of a bogey hole of loss and transition.  It hasn’t been until the last couple of months that I have been able to crawl to the top of the hole and carefully hoist myself out.  As I dust myself off, I realize I have some advice for anyone approaching, circling, or in, a dark night of the soul.1)  Take a flashlight. There will be some interesting findings and details down there that you’ll only be able to see by shining a ...

Sweet Ila and My Mother's Cleft
Thursday, March 05, 2015
An Unforgettable Night With Debbie Reynolds

Sweet Ila and My Mother's Cleft It’s been an interesting time in my life. After caring for my ailing 89-year old mother for the last couple of years, I witnessed her last breath on this side of life in October. I’m reminded that grief has many layers, and some of those layers can’t easily be overridden by my very strong spiritual beliefs that all is well and nothing, ever, is out of place or before its perfect time – including death. Some layers just need to be felt for what they are – sadness and longing – and experienced as such. These things can neither be rushed nor avoided – just accepted as remnants of a life well lived and a love that ...